ised a moment, he could not think of, only one side of the edge of the fly, the race will pay out to him, and a dig is fifty two. If ordinary people, a month can have twelve money, it can already have a very moist, and tell the truth, the old Cisco Business Value Specialist cattle home and his aging mother two people live, as long as not big hands and feet, this year down, Simply can not spend fifty silver. So in the eyes of the old age has been accustomed to the old man, in his hands handed over to the fifty two silver, has been regarded as a huge sum of money. The old cow slightly Lengshen, it becomes some fear, his aging mother can teach him from childhood, reactive and not Paul, he and.the front of the little brother, today also meet Cisco Certification each other, people have been good enough for him, Where did he dare to take this ticket So the cow quickly toward the flying shook his head and said little brother, so no, it can not Yu Fei smiled, directly to the silver ticket to the cattle that only with the big fan like a palm. Old cow, Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam I can tell you that this money is my honor to your mother, and not to you, you can not and I shirk, just that twenty two silver is that a few guys to you, I thi

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist